When Amber awakens in the middle of a desolate world, she must free a wise wizard, contend with a powerful sorcerer, and accept responsibility for her guilt.


Written, Directed and Edited by: D.L. Watson

Madeleine Young
Peter Anthony Holden
Hunter OGuinn
Abigail Young

Music by: Nathan Allen Pinard
Field Recordist: Nick Blacketer & Gavin P. Cunningham
Post Production Sound & Sound Design: D.L. Watson
Visual Effects: D.L. Watson
Colorist: Casey Faris & D.L. Watson
Makeup: Juliette Sanchez
Associate Producers: Brian Wardell, Richard Hart
Executive Producers: Kym Cornett, Melissa Haney, D.L. Watson
Production Assistants: Kate Young, Gavin P. Cunningham, Juliette Sanchez, Melissa Haney
Behind the Scenes: Hunter OGuinn, Gavin P. Cunningham, Madeleine Young
Special Thanks: To everyone who donated to make this project happen!

Canon 550D w/Magic Lantern
Rokinon 35mm
After Effects

All natural light. Total cost: $5600. Shot from 2012 - 2013.