When her little sister finds a mysterious Trinket in the woods, Amber is forced into an adventure beyond imagination. To survive, she must find a hidden gateway, free a lonely wizard, and confront a powerful and desperate sorcerer.

I started developing Trinket back in January 2012 after watching this episode of Film Riot. I wanted to make a film that has an interesting story and looks cinematic. 

Two years went into this film - my sweat, blood, and passion went into this project and I'm really proud of it. I hope that people find it entertaining and inspiring. 



This is the initial concept art that was drawn that inspired the characters for the film.


We shot this film on locations all around the state of Oregon. We only had one green-screen shot and it was on set at the Dee Wright Observatory.


The cast and crew worked diligently throughout the production of Trinket. They are all film lovers and many have backgrounds in directing and writing themselves.