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Springfield, OR, 97477
United States

(302) 492-6860

The personal website for Producer, Director, VFX Artist, and indepndent filmmaker D.L. Watson


D.L. Watson | Producer, Director, VFX, etc

The personal website for producer, director, vfx artist and filmmaker D.L. Watson 

About Me

I'm D.L. Watson, a producer, director, vfx artist and independent filmmaker. I have a passion for making engaging, entertaining, and informative content that can be digested by a wide demographic of individuals. 

Currently, I provide freelance Producing services to The Division Productions, LCC., to which I oversee and supervise each television program currently in production. Tasks include outlining, editing, assembling episodes, scheduling talent, managing staff/budget, and directly working with networks to make a profitable show. 

In the meantime, I also provide various other freelance work such as Social Media Management, Web-Design, and more. On my free-time, I produce, write, and direct my own short and feature films. 

I strive to create unique, dramatic, and artistic film and television to audiences, whether broadcast, theater, or digitally. 

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